Site Surveys

Brickworks uses drones & depth-perception cameras to create scans (GeoTiff & 3D Models) of tentative sites and offer “as-built” models of your event grounds.
We are a leading provider of 3d scanning services for commercial, residential, live event and historic preservation industries.

Utilizing hybrid map layers, with scaled 2D & 3D site symbols of the festival assets (tenting, stages, fence lines etc) overlaid onto the terrain imagery is crucial to the planning process. This identifies problematic elevation grades, areas prone to flooding and finds other potential problems with the event grounds in advance of the show.

We recommend scanning event sites both aerially and from the ground on the morning of your event, delivering a digital footprint (GeoTIFF & 3D Model) of what is completely true within your event space. This is indispensable reference material when considering future events at the same location.

Brickworks’ network of pilots are FAA licensed, carefully vetted and have experience working with high profile clients and sensitive information.