Design Services

Brickworks offers a full suite of creative direction and design solutions to meet all of your marketing and event production needs. Whether you need attendee maps, 3D RENDERINGS, BRANDING & ILLUSTRATION, web design, digital & print materials, event signage, or all of the above, we’ve got you covered.

Attendee Maps

Brickworks designs & develops consumer facing interactive smart maps built off the back of the event site plan. We will work with your creative team on desired key art assets / influence, to make sure your map provides the perfect balance between anticipation and information.

Our custom bespoke maps work with Google / Mapbox API and can embed seamlessly into your events app or website. We also offer 3D viewports with interactive VR capabilities so you can see your vision come to life in real time.


Brickworks create 3D rendered viewports from around your event site to demonstrate how areas will look and feel. We also design, develop and fabricate custom sponsorship activations and art installs to provide fresh ideas and concepts to prospective clients.

Creative Direction & Design

Let Brickworks’ in-house design team help bring your vision to life. Our full range of creative consulting and design capabilities include everything you need to take your project from idea to execution.